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Particles and Fields
Open Access
Eur. Phys. J. C 32, s1.69-s1.90 (2004)
DOI: 10.1140/epjcd/s2003-01-006-4

Non-factorizable effects in $B - \overline{B}$ mixing

A. Hiorth and J.O. Eeg

Department of Physics, University of Oslo, P.O.Box 1048 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway


(Received 28 February 2003 / Published online 27 March 2003)


We study the B-parameter ("bag factor") for $B - \overline{B}$ mixing within a recently developed heavy-light chiral quark model. Non-factorizable contributions in terms of gluon condensates and chiral corrections are calculated. In addition, we also consider 1/mQ corrections within heavy quark effective field theory. Perturbative QCD effects below μ = mb known from other work are also included. Considering two sets of input parameters, we find that the renormalization invariant B-parameter is $\hat{B}=1.51 \pm 0.09$ for Bd and $\hat{B}=1.40 \pm 0.16$ for Bs.

PACS: 13.25.Hw - 12.39.Fe - 12.39.Hg

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