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Particles and Fields
Eur. Phys. J. C 25, 523-537 (2002)
DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s2002-01028-5

Associated production of sfermions and gauginos at high-energy e +e - colliders

Aseshkrishna Datta and A. Djouadi

Laboratoire de Physique Mathématique et Théorique, UMR5825-CNRS, Université de Montpellier II, 34095 Montpellier Cedex 5, France

(Received: 27 June 2002 / Published online: 20 September 2002 )

In the context of the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model, we analyze the production at future high-energy e+e- colliders of second and third generation scalar leptons as well as scalar quarks in association with neutralinos and charginos, $e^+e^- \to f \tilde{f}
\chi$ . In the case of third generation squarks, we also discuss the associated production with gluinos. We show that the cross sections for some of these three-body final state processes could be significant enough to allow for the detection of scalar fermions with masses above the kinematical two-body threshold, $ s^{1/2}= 2m_{\tilde{f}}$. We then discuss, taking as a reference example the case of scalar muons, the production cross sections in various approximations and make a comparison with the full four-body production process, $e^+e^- \to f
\bar{f} \chi \chi$ , in particular around the two-sfermion threshold.

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