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Particles and Fields

Eur. Phys. J. C 19, 15-28
DOI: 10.1007/s100520100592

Study of dimuon production in photon-photon collisions and measurement of QED photon structure functions at LEP

The DELPHI Collaboration
P. Abreu22 and et al.

22  LIP, IST, FCUL - Av. Elias Garcia, 14-1o, 1000 Lisboa Codex, Portugal

(Received: 23 February 2000 / Revised version: 7 December 2000 / Published online: 23 February 2001 -© Springer-Verlag 2001)

Muon pair production in the process $e^+e^-\to e^+e^-\mu^+\mu^-$ is studied using the data taken at LEP1 ( $\sqrt{s}\simeq m_Z$) with the DELPHI detector during the years 1992-1995. The corresponding integrated luminosity is 138.5 pb-1. The QED predictions have been tested over the whole Q2 range accessible at LEP1 (from several GeV2/c4 to several hundred GeV2/c4) by comparing experimental distributions with distributions resulting from Monte Carlo simulations using various generators. Selected events are used to extract the leptonic photon structure function $F_2^\gamma$. Azimuthal correlations are used to obtain information on additional structure functions, $F_A^\gamma$ and $F_B^\gamma$, which originate from interference terms of the scattering amplitudes. The measured ratios $F_A^\gamma/F_2^\gamma$ and $F_B^\gamma/F_2^\gamma$ are significantly different from zero and consistent with QED predictions.

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