2022 Impact factor 4.4
Particles and Fields
Eur. Phys. J. C 17, 675-684
DOI 10.1007/s100520000456

An efficient renormalization group improved implementation
of the MSSM effective potential

D.V. Gioutsos

Division of Theoretical Physics, University of Ioannina, 451 10 Ioannina, Greece

Received: 31 August 1999 / Revised version: 22 March 2000 /
Published online: 23 October 2000 - © Springer-Verlag

In the context of MSSM, a novel improving procedure based on the renormalization group equation is applied to the effective potential in the Higgs sector. We focus on the one-loop radiative corrections computed in Landau gauge by using the mass independent renormalization scheme $\overline{\mathrm {DR}}$. Thanks to the decoupling theorem, the well-known multimass scale problem is circumvented by switching to a new effective field theory every time a new particle threshold is encountered. We find that, for any field configuration, there is a convenient renormalization scale $\tilde{Q}^*$ at which the loop expansion respects the perturbation series hierarchy and the theory retains the vital property of stability.

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