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Particles and Fields
Eur. Phys. J. C 16, 579-596
DOI 10.1007/s100520000420

Inclusive production of D $^{\ast\pm}$ mesons in photon-photon collisions at $\sqrt{s}_{\rm\bf ee}=183$ and 189 GeV and a first measurement of $F_{\rm 2,c}^{\gamma}$

The OPAL Collaboration
G. Abbiendi2 - et al.

2 Dipartimento di Fisica dell' Università di Bologna and INFN, 40126 Bologna, Italy

Received: 9 November 1999 / Published online: 8 June 2000 - © Springer-Verlag 2000

The inclusive production of ${{\rm D}^{\ast\pm}}$ mesons in photon-photon collisions has been measured using the OPAL detector at LEP at $\mbox{e}^+\mbox{e}^-$ centre-of-mass energies $\sqrt{s_{\rm
ee}}$ of 183 and 189 GeV. The ${{\rm D}^{\ast+}}$ mesons are reconstructed in their decay to ${\rm D}^0\pi^+$ with the ${\rm D}^0$observed in the two decay modes ${\rm K}^-\pi^+$ and ${\rm
K}^-\pi^+\pi^-\pi^+$. After background subtraction, $100.4\pm12.6~(\rm stat)$

Copyright Società Italiana di Fisica, Springer-Verlag 2000