2020 Impact factor 4.590
Particles and Fields
Eur. Phys. J. C 9, 459-462
DOI 10.1007/s100529900047

$J/\psi$-photoproduction and the gluon structure of the nucleon

D. Kharzeev1 - H. Satz2 - A. Syamtomov3 - G. Zinovjev2,3

1 Riken/BNL Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, USA
2 Fakultät für Physik, Universität Bielefeld, D-33501 Bielefeld, Germany
3 Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UA-252143 Kiev, Ukraine

Received: 3 March 1999 / Published online: 28 May 1999

Using short distance QCD methods based on the operator product expansion, we calculate the $J/\psi$ photoproduction cross section in terms of the gluon distribution function of the nucleon. Comparing the result with data, we show that experimental behaviour of the cross section correctly reflects the x-dependence of the gluon distribution obtained from deep inelastic scattering.

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